Living life on purpose

Never skip a track

By Woods Mullan

Posted 17th Jun 2022

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

From time to time, members of our team share what’s currently on their read, watch and listen lists.

Our Financial Planner, Woods Mullan, shares his favourites. 

Starting with a piece of advice

I really enjoyed pulling this list together. The hardest part was keeping the list to a sensible length – certainly when it comes to the music I’m listening to. 

Before I dive into the list, there is one piece of advice that my Dad gave me, that I’d like to share with you. 

When listening to music – whether it’s an album or streaming services like Spotify – never skip a track. 

If you give up a little bit of control, you’ll find your listening horizons expanding. You’ll find yourself discovering music that touches your soul and reveals new genres and artists that you may have otherwise skipped. 

So, let’s continue with the music I’m listening to. It won’t surprise you to hear that my taste is wide and varied. This is another thing I owe to my parents. 

And there’s nothing I like more than a live gig. I thought I’d share the recent and upcoming gigs I’m going to. It’s easiest to show it in a list.

Over recent weeks I’ve seen the following artists

I’ve a busy few weeks coming up too. Starting with Lil Wayne – an American rapper. I’m also off to see Sub Focus, a Drum and bass DJ and Adele (not at the same gig). And the perhaps the one I’m most excited about – seeing my favourite band Red Hot Chili Peppers, supported by my favourite soloist Anderson .Paak.  

I hope, like me, you have an opportunity to lose yourself in some live entertainment over the Summer months. 

On the nightstand

I’m not a big fiction reader but I’ve been making an effort recently. I really enjoyed American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins and City of Thieves by David Benioff. Both have been a great introduction to fiction. 

Most of my reading is non-fiction. I’m currently reading Susan David’s Emotional Agility and Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead.  Recently, I enjoyed the Psychology of Money. You may remember it from Marcus’ article here. I also read Time to Think by Nancy Kline. This was a transforming book for me both professionally and personally. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the quality of thinking that they, and others, can reach together.  

On the box

If you’d asked me at a different time of the year, I’d have listed football as one of the things I’m watching. Whether it’s live football (with my chosen club, Chelsea) or on the television – if it’s around, I’ll watch it. 

So, my other sporting loves are stepping in and I’m watching as much golf and cricket as  I can. 

I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan but the second wave of Star Wars films came out when I was a kid so I remember Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. So, the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney + caught my imagination and I’ve enjoyed it. 

Stranger Things is similar; it’s not something I’d usually pick but I’ve enjoyed it. Perhaps both are tapping into a nostalgic streak. I’ve also enjoyed the police drama We Own this City

I’ve enjoyed a couple of documentaries recently. The first is The Rescue. It’s the story of the rescue of the Thai football team who were trapped in the cave.  It is a great story of human ingenuity and resilience.

And one more for the list, the Alpinist is a great watch about extreme alpine climbing. 

In the headphones

I’ve a couple of podcasts I love. Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead and Unlocking Us. And I really like Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO

I have taken life lessons from these podcasts.

Finishing off with the theme I started with; music. I’m listening to two albums from two very different artists on repeat; Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry and Sam Henshaw’s Untidy Soul

Whether anything here takes your fancy here or not, I hope you’ll try playing the whole album through or letting the next track play, without skipping.