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Meet the experts: Jordan Hendy

By Emery Little team

Posted 11th Feb 2022

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

We’re aware that a lot of the time, the person whom you as a client come into regular contact with at Emery Little is your financial planner; the personal face of your investment plans and aspirations. But behind this knowledgeable face is a whole team of other specialists, applying their expertise and experience to inform, manage and support your financial plans. 

We feel we want you to ‘meet’ these people and give you a sense of Emery Little as a whole.

So let us introduce the person who makes sure we’re making best use of the technology available to do our jobs, IT Support, Jordan Hendy.

You’re up, Jordan…

In the Summer of 2019, I did some work experience at Emery Little. I really enjoyed that but had no particular plans to return. I was still at school but that was brought to a premature end in 2020 because of the first lockdown. I took on a temporary job at Tescos, doing night shifts. I didn’t particularly enjoy it but it was a good experience and I ended up doing it for about 3 months. 

My Mum, Satu, is Emery Little’s Paraplanner Team Leader and she told me that Emery Little were looking for a temporary Administrative Assistant to help during the lockdown periods. I started in August, after getting the job!

Fast forward to January 2021 and I was offered a permanent position. I think my interest in IT became quite obvious and in August 2021, I moved into a more IT focussed role. 

So, I’m now responsible for implementing new systems and technology that will benefit the team and our clients. Technology is an area that really interests me and my position gives me the opportunity to continue to develop my knowledge in it. 

My focus is on ensuring our technology helps to make my colleagues’ jobs and tasks easier, faster or simpler. 

My love for technology spills over into my personal life. I spend a lot of time programming or creating mock websites. It really interests me and I’m keen to build my career in this area.