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Meet the expert: Harry Dunkinson – Chartered Financial Planner

By Harry Dunkinson

Posted 14th Mar 2021

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

We’re aware that a lot of the time, the person whom you as a client come into regular contact with at Emery Little is your financial planner; the personal face of your investment plans and aspirations. But behind this knowledgeable face is a whole team of other specialists, applying their expertise and experience to inform, manage and support your financial plans. We feel we want you to ‘meet’ these people and give you a sense of Emery Little as a whole.

We’d like to introduce our recent addition to the financial planning team, Harry Dunkinson. Harry is a keen sportsman, traveller and reader. Where does he find the time? 

Over to Harry…

I started out in the world of financial services by joining Aviva, just after finishing my A-levels. My parents had both worked in financial services, so it seemed like a logical step for me to take.

I went on to join a local IFA firm, and this is where my interest in financial planning developed.

I remember seeing clients come into the office looking stressed, anxious and visibly concerned about their finances. After an hour or two, they would leave the office smiling and at ease, reassured by their adviser that they were going to be OK. Seeing the positive effect financial planning was having on these peoples’ lives, I decided I wanted to become a Financial Planner as quickly as possible. 

The smaller firm I had been working for was acquired by a much larger IFA firm in Norwich. In April of that year, I became a fully-fledged Financial Planner, going on to qualify as a Chartered Financial Planner. By the time I left over 4 years later, I had developed many wonderful client relationships, many of which have become lifelong friendships. 

The pandemic gave me a chance to reflect on what I really want from my work; it was at this point I decided I wanted to work in an organisation with a great culture, with values like mine and a shared belief in the value of true financial planning. Having discovered Emery Little, I can safely say I have found the ideal fit for me. 

From conversations with the team, it’s clear that as well as having the same values, the Emery Little team share my commitment to financial planning with the principles of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning at the heart of the conversation with clients. 

I have joined Emery Little as a Chartered Financial Planner. Put simply, I will be working to ensure my clients can achieve their life goals and aspirations, by helping them discover and achieve their ‘True Wealth’. 

I am really looking forward to meeting Emery Little clients over the coming months, working collaboratively with the brilliant Emery Little team to deliver the best possible planning experience for our clients. 

Financial planning is not just helping people get the most of their money. Financial planning at its core is about helping people use their financial wealth to enrich their lives as much as possible. Helping people achieve their life goals and aspirations is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

When I’m not at work, I’m likely to be playing or watching one sport or another. I regularly play football, golf and tennis. I follow most sports, however, Formula One is a particular favourite

The pandemic has meant we’ve had to push back travel plans, however, I love nothing more than exploring new destinations. My fiancée, Amy, and I hope to visit New Zealand when it becomes possible to do so.  

If I’m not travelling or playing sport, you’ll find me with my nose in a book or listening to a podcast. 

Despite being published in 1936, ‘How to win friends and influence people’ is still a favourite and I find myself referring back to it regularly.  

From a financial planning perspective, Nick Murray’s writings have inspired me professionally.

I live in Norfolk with Amy and our two cats. We make the most of the idyllic surroundings by enjoying long walks and trips to the North-Norfolk coastline. Having grown up in Norfolk, I have many friends and family nearby and we meet up regularly.